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  • Use Renewable Energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint on our environment.
  • Are designed to operate specifically in the extreme weather conditions experienced in Canada, our products are built in Canada and serviced by our service technicians throughout the province of Alberta.
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IS 1400 ESD Controller


Innovative Solar Inc, is proud to introduce the
Intrinsically Safe, Solar – ELECTRIC ESD SYSTEM

This system was designed and built to answer the Oil and Gas Industries demand to replace problematic pneumatic separator controls with zero maintenance, zero emissions, electric controls.


One of the “fail safe” alarms (eg. Tank High-level) is received by the Controller. The Controller in turn sends an electronic signal to “Shut In” or “ESD” your site.

This can be done through the icon 45 psi solenoid to the existing pneumatic, or hydraulic ESD valve, or through the icon ISSR electronic relay, to a DC powered solar – electric ESD valve.

Once the operator returns to the site, in a glance he would see by the 2 red indicator lights that the site is shut in, and which alarm shut it in.

The reset button will not re-open the valve until the alarm has been cleared.

IS 1400
The separators will also ESD, if the continuously
monitored 6volt power supply drops below 5.5volts.
This is also indicated through simple green or red
lights; however, the low powered IS 1400 is
guaranteed to operate with no solar charging input for
a minimum of 6 months. This along with the -40°C to
+60°C operating temp, make the IS 1400 the #1
for the northern applications.


IS 1400 Picture 2 IS 1400 Picture 3

For sites that require/prefer an automatic reset – the IS 1400 provides a convenient toggle switch mounted on its inner panel.

  • Stop environmental spills due to pneumatic freeze offs
  • Instant visual ESD alarm
  • No programming needed
  • Reduce emissions
  • Increase work safety
  • Increase production and profits





Intrinsically Safe
Ex ia IIB / CLASS I, DIV 1,
-40 ≤ T a ≤ +60°C

Battery Power: 6Vdc nom.
Solar Charger: 7.5Vdc nom.
Enclosure: Type 4

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IS 1420 Separator Controller


The proven 1400, with 2 additional output capabilities. Typically these are used to signal electric 12V DC dump valves, taking pneumatic elimination to the next level.


IS 1420E Separator Controller

The proven 1400, with the two 1420 electrical outputs, plus a full time, 24/7 electric output to maintain an open actuator via the ISSR relay.

For Truly 100% Failsafe Reliability!


Single Pair / Stainless Braid Instrument Wire

Single Pair / Stainless Braid Instrument Wire



ISSR Relay

Innovative Solar's very own "Intrinsically Safe Dual Relay"

This robust class 1, Div 2 Unit was designed and built to handle the large inrush of DC current when opening and closing dump valves.

IS 6 Volt Soleniod


IS 6 Volt Soleniod

5Watt / 6 Volt / Class 1 / DIV 2 - Solar Panel


5Watt / 6 Volt / Class 1 / DIV 2 - Solar Panel

Solar Dump Controller


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